Quality Policy |

Quality Policy

Abu Dhabi Marine is fully committed to complete implementation of an effective Quality Management System to ensure our services are executed to the utmost satisfaction of its customers.


  • Meeting all contract specifications and regulations and satisfying the needs of our clients. We shall meet all commitments to customers on time.

  • Identifying risks and opportunities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management system and implementing it all activities/processes of the Company.

  • Maintaining proper communication and close coordination with our clients for successful execution of our duties.

  • Performing stringent assessment to all operations in accordance with international standards and taking necessary corrective actions on time.

  • Qualifying and monitoring vendors and subcontractors to ensure satisfactory performance. We shall develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with vendors and contractors through close cooperation and communication.

  • Establishing SMART objectives, reviewing and achieving it as set. 

  • Obtaining Global Marina Accreditation and maintaining it as part of our commitment serving our customers the best.

  • Developing a highly motivated, efficient and competent workforce to achieve customer satisfaction. This shall be achieved through adequate training and career development opportunities.

  • Fostering an environment in which creativity and responsibility are encouraged at all levels of the Company’s management structure.

  • Ensuring continual improvement of processes based on customer feedback and audit findings.

All members of the Abu Dhabi Marine family are endeavoured in abiding and achieving the above mentioned quality policy.