Book Banana Boat in Abu Dhabi

Banana ride with family and friends. Sit on a larger than life banana as we tow you with our boat.
Bounce your way across the waves on a Banana boat in the sea of Abu Dhabi. A motorized water sports, it wakes up the inner adventurer in you. Perfect for young kids, it is a good water sport for introducing them to the world of water sports.
Banana water boat as the name suggests is shaped like a banana which is meant to be towed by a motorized boat. It’s a fun group activity that can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age or skillset. Even if you can’t swim, they can be enjoyed and are very safe.

The best thing about banana rides are:
1. They are safe and child-friendly.
2. They are affordable.
3. They are best enjoyed with friends.

Important Information

  • Age Limit + 3 Years Old
  • Session Time 15 minutes
  • Dress Code Swim Wear & Beach Towel
  • Maximum Capacity 7 people

Banana Boat Locations in Abu Dhabi

Located in a unique location of the city making accessing your watersports rush easier for all.

Abu Dhabi corniche is home of many fun activities, it's also Abu Dhabi's beautiful waterfront and skyline.
Enjoy safe

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